The Tranquility Project

The Tranquility Project is a non-profit action group who’s mission is to help extract land mines from Southeast Asia and help rehabilitate their innocent victims.
Founders Sally Taylor and Dean Bragonier | Photo: Boston Globe

Blue Dogs Media was hired to create a brand identity system for the Tranquility Project to help promote and brand their first fundraising event. It was was their first charity event to bring awareness to the problem of land mines in Southeast Asia and their mission to help rehabilitate the victims. The challenge; we had 7 weeks to the event, a limited budget, an all-volunteer staff, and a goal to raise $90,000.

Blue Dogs Media helped marshal, manage, and execute event promotional materials, event marketing, and PR. 

A unique and attractive identity system which easily transferred to many mediums. Tranquility Project’s First Annual Fundraiser raised over $114,000.

Outreach Stories Shared via Video
Event Poster
Logo and Letterhead Design for Outreach Letters
Sold Out, fundraising Event for Tranquility Project featuring James Taylor and his children Sally and Ben at Colorado Chautauqua, Boulder, Colorado.

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